Claude Willis, founder and president of Let’sDoItAgain, is an active community member and proud North Prestonian. Despite his pride in his hometown though, he says people have always been biased towards North Preston, Nova Scotia. Due to the poor decisions of some, the whole community gets painted as “bad boys”. Claude has worked with the TTC for over 25 years, but his real dream was to do something and give back to his community.

He has always a compassionate man with a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. It was this desire that led to the formation of Let’sDoItAgain almost 20 years ago. From community picnics where students are given back-to-school supplies, to fund-raisers through silent auctions, Let’sDoItAgain has constantly put the community first. The dream to keep kids in school, build their lives and invest back in the community is what keeps Claude and Let’sDoItAgain going.